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QSROnline is a great tool for restaurants. The scheduling program and inventory control programs alone have helped our company save lots of money. They also have a great support staff that actually answer the phone and help in any situation. Thank you QSR!” 
                                                                                                                                                                          - Tony J., Whataburger of East Texas


Take the guess work out of determining your food cost.

QSROnline's Actual Food Cost Solution includes all the tools you need to calculate inventory usage and make counting easier than ever! Count inventory on your smartphone using our mobile app, and track specials or LTO’s using our Menu Item Tracking feature. Plus, QSROnline receives electronic invoices from your vendors, to instantly update price changes.


Automated Invoices

Auto-import your vendor invoices into our system, saving time and hassle.

Food Cost Comparison

Compare stores’ food cost performance side-by-side and follow up accordingly.

Price Change Alerts

Get notified of vendor price changes to better manage your plate cost and expenses.

Food Cost Reports

Get detailed analyses on actual usage and compare trends over time.

Inventory Counting App

Increase speed and accuracy by counting inventory on your smartphone or tablet.

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Counting inventory just became a lot easier! With QSROnline’s Counting App, you can count inventory from your tablet or smartphone!

Create new countsheets on your mobile device or tablet.
Choose from Shift, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly countsheets.
Edit existing countsheets and view historical data.
Simple and easy to use.
Ditch the pen and clipboard!




“The scheduling tool gives us the ability to accurately project and schedule labor to control our costs and ensure service standards are met.” 
                                                                                                                                                                          - Brent S., Harvey's Grill & Bar


A Scheduling System created with Restaurant Operators in Mind

Receive sales and employee information from your POS system to offer the most up-to-date information and aid in creating cost-efficient schedules.
Sales projections, which are based on historic sales trends, are populated for you. With those sales projections, the Labor Scheduler automatically projects the necessary labor required to support the expected sales volume for the upcoming week.
Schedule around employees’ personal schedules with requested times off and unavailability settings. Our Scheduler is also updated to reflect California Labor Laws.

Labor Based on Sales

Sales are projected in the Scheduler, allowing manaers to schedule accordingly.


Shift Trading Made Easy

Employees can post unwanted shifts, or pick up shifts with manager approval.

Schedules Delivered

New schedules are instantly sent to employees via text message or email.


Get notified when employees approach overtime, fail to take breaks, or do not clock out.

Ease of Use

Drag-and-Drop features and color-coded job types make scheduling quick and easy.

Copy Schedules

Quickly create schedules by copying previous schedules with similiar sales projections.

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Finally! An app designed with managers’ needs in mind. Manage and communicate with employees using QSROnline’s Managing App in unison with QSROnline’s Scheduling App for employees.

Features Include:

Approve/Deny Employee Shift Trades
Deny Employee Request Off Times
Send Mass Messages
View Employee Schedules
 View Employee Roster


Now, your employees can view their schedules anytime from their smartphone or tablet! Reduce no-shows and hold employees accountable with our Scheduling App.


 Employees view this week’s and next week’s schedules.
 Color-coded blocks highlight scheduled shifts.
 Manager approved shift trading
Shifts detail scheduled jobs and store locations.
 Employees easily request days or times off.